Product Introduction

630mm is not a compromise

The classical guitar has evolved over the years, and one aspect of that evolution has been changes to the scale length. The standard scale length for a classical guitar is 650mm, but in recent year...

The story behind JoLuck 38.5'' Classical Guitar

As the founder of JoLuck, I have worked in the guitar industry for over ten years and have seen firsthand the toll that playing a guitar can take on a musician's hands. As a player myself, I experi...

Introducing the JoLuck 38.5'' Classical Guitar

The perfect choice for players who want a guitar that is comfortable to play without sacrificing sound quality.Our 38.5''guitar has a string length of 630mm, which is slightly shorter than the stan...

Introducing the JoLuck Essential Series

Crafted with attention to detail, the Essential Series features a carefully selected wood combination that provides a rich and warm tone.