The perfect balance of sound and playability.
Crafted for players, made for music.
JoLuck is a brand dedicated to classical guitars, named to symbolize the joy and luck that music can bring to people's lives.
Experience the sophistication and elegance of JoLuck classical guitars, where craftsmanship meets art.
Homage Series
Model Montmartre, a homage to Robert Bouchet
Eastern Etude Composed and played by Thu Le
The Perfect Fit for Your Fingers
At JoLuck, we understand the importance of playability and comfort when it comes to playing the classical guitar. That's why we have developed a range of guitars in varying sizes, including 32", 34'', 36", 37", 38.5'' and 39", to cater to players of all ages and abilities. With our diverse selection of sizes, every player can experience the joy of playing the classical guitar with ease.
More than a gig bag
Each JoLuck guitar comes with our meticulously designed classical guitar gig bag. The gig bag for Advanced series are specially reinforced with embedded hard boards that offer protection akin to that of a hard-shell case, while still maintaining the portability of soft bag.